Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Homework for 1/2/2017

Homework for (1 / 1 / 2017)

-Minitest 1 is in T1W7, 15/2. Chapter 1-3.
-Minitest 2 is in T2W2, chapter 4-6
-Common test is chapter 1-7
-Structure: 15m Short-answer, 10m long-answer. 30 minute paper.
>SS Level test is on 24 feb. 1 hour. 2 SBQ + 1 SRQ (opinion question). More info posted in GClass
>Refer to History GClass for more info on LT.
>Please submit Edusave + Sexuality Education forms by tomorrow

>活动本 page 5-10.  (Due 6/2)

Higher Chinese:

>Reflection questions for Reading Package Article 1 & 2 (Due 2/2)

Additional Mathematics:
>For those who have not submitted their Amath assignment 1C&D, please submit to AMath Rep (Xavier Ang Yu Ding).

Elementary Mathematics:

>Notes page 21 & 22

>Re-corrections for those who havent done so.

Social Studies:
>Prepare for debate tomorrow. 


*Applied Subject*
>Submit Homework 2 (for those who have not done so). Put in Ms Karen Teo's pigeon hole.



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